We Facilitate Cross-Cultural
Business Partnerships

When Language and cultural barriers appear overwhelming


Networking and Expo visits going nowhere, unfamiliar communication and negotiation styles, got let down by a factory or agent in the past, not sure how and when to use WeChat/Weixin, being sold the wrong services for your needs or overwhelmed by choice of products and suppliers, and needing more than just a translation service…

Make it China’s mission is to achieve greater communication between the West and China, to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information. We seek to make introductions, open dialogues, and new channels for communication. This calls for a wide variety of services, including consultancy, social media, email marketing, market research, networking, branding and distribution. We are uniquely placed to be able to bridge the communication gap in terms of language, culture and working practices.

Why choose MIC as your partner


MIC’s UK staff are all experienced in their field and have visited China. MIC has a Shenzhen office and multiple, trusted partners across China.

Bespoke Service

We assess and provide for the actual needs of customers and industries, creating tailored solutions for your business, whether its social media or manufacturing.

Mark of Quality

We only work with trusted suppliers and partners, because we want all parties to benefit and keep coming back for more. MIC can provide that peace of mind.

Make it Happen

MIC is a bridge between all the exciting opportunities that are there for the taking right now. We have the experience and connections to make opportunities into reality.

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