About Us

Tomer grew up in the sun-kissed Middle East, lucky to be surrounded by a large family who knew how to make the most of the incredible ingredients available locally and were able to find inspiration from cuisines from a variety of backgrounds, namely Iraqi, Turkish, Yemeni, Persian and Moroccan.
After being introduced to the professional kitchen and working under well-known chefs in his home city of Tel Aviv, he took this knowledge and enthusiasm with him when he travelled in Australia, learning more techniques and gaining more skills on the way, eventually landing in New Zealand, where we met.
With the inspiring backdrop of the Southern Alps, he honed his skills of working with meat and seafood. 2 years later we embarked on a new adventure together in Tel Aviv, where Tomer worked extremely hard and for very well respected chefs.
After 7 years there, which included the arrival of our daughter, we moved to Bristol, and a slightly more relaxed pace of life! Tomer worked at the much-loved Falafel King in Cotham Hill, serving delighted customers with delicious vegan and vegetarian meals, proving that he can pretty much turn his hand to any kind of cuisine.
Being on furlough throughout the Covid restrictions provided the opportunity for him to really let loose with his creativity. A neighbour’s plea in the first lockdown to cook for them led to the idea to establish Tavlin Kitchen. ‘Tavlin’ means ‘Spice’ in Hebrew, and when you taste Tomer’s full-of-flavour food you will know why we chose that word!
We are so happy to introduce our friends and neighbours to the style of cooking that is closest to Tomer’s heart!